Glenn & Joe Filikso Shows


Exciting news- myself and my friend and harmonica master Joe Filisko
are getting very close to booking some shows together.

Joe has taught a weekly master class for years at Chicago’s Old Town
School of Folk Music, teaches and performs at many harmonica and blues
festivals world-wide. His sense of tone and feel in both acoustic and
electric harp playing are immense. He can demonstrate and dead-on
sound like most any harmonica “great” you’d care to mention and has
himself manufactured (with his own patented tuning system no less!)
top-flight harmonicas for decades.

Joe has graced stages from Germany’s annual Hohner Harmonica World
Harmonica Festival to Buddy Guy’s Chicago blues club.

He’s a “harp player’s harp player” and garners great respect from
fellow players as well as students of the instrument.

Joe has also guested on several Glenn Kaiser Band recordings and most
recently on two tunes from my Cardboard Box project.

Just have a look/listen at:

Here’s a slew of Joe Filisko clips via YouTube (here’s a TinyURL I
made to link to those):

I’m looking forward to some shows with Joe this year!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn



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