Not Solitary: TEAM!

So Tim Tebow and his team were soundly beaten by Tom Brady and his team.

What both Tim and Tom knew before and know after such games, both the
heights of miraculous victories and the depths of humbling, difficult
defeats is the very same truth:

Football is a team sport.

You don’t play it alone. If you do, even if you win you lose.

I have never seen, heard of nor had a broken relationship that didn’t
at least to some degree depend on the people involved (or myself)
recognizing that fact.

At points along the path too many people bail on the relationship
because it’s easier than embracing the crosses.

Think of it -even God- Father, Son, Spirit though One are -in a sense-, a team.

When God tells us “two shall be one” in a marriage commitment, we see
“team” rather than merely and only either individual.

Any sort of musical group- even if they hate each other and don’t all
love the same style of music or the particular song they’re playing at
any given moment cannot succeed without playing together as a team.

At some point in life we realize that “no man (or woman) is an island”
though there are times we’d rather be on one, alone by ourselves!

I’m not saying there aren’t times we need to be alone but pointing out
that “us” is a great deal more healthy than “me” in the every-day of
life’s journey.

Whether or not we’re followers of Jesus, we’re still never alone in
the sense that God is always near, with us (the very meaning of

We may be surrounded with people who can or could love us, can or
could forgive us, can or could help us in areas we lack and are in

Often- and more often than entire teams, individuals give up. They
just want the pain to end and so they quit on the relationship.

Life has it’s disappointments. Nobody can escape all of them. All of
us encounter some of them.

Some are expected, some are not.

But without a team, trying to go it alone, depression and misery are certain.

One of the handful of things I have learned in my years is that
without close and committed family, my local church family, any band
I’ve worked with, any job I’ve taken, usually sooner than later I’ve
had to rely on them for help for my own contribution and at times even
survival to actually occur!

Win or lose, mountain-top or valley experience, no matter the details-
I NEED God, family, friends and certainly the family of God- my
Christian brothers and sisters- to complete the journey -well-.

Life is a team sport. I believe the Lord designed it that way because
He’s not just about love, He’s all about SHARED love, shared and
active unity and intimacy.

None of that happens when we try to exclusively do life alone.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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