Truth, Humility, Patience with THEM :)

Truth, humility, patience are often in short supply even among Christian people.

To take the time and effort to hear and really apprehend what a person
or group thinks takes a great deal more agape love and frankly,
biblical discernment and humility as well as time than many seem to
want to give.

My context is not in myself of our fellowship being judged or
mis-judged, rather, it’s in context of differences of opinion and even
doctrine and people groups within the larger Christian church
throughout the world.

As I learned in soccer (football) years ago, it’s a lot easier to
destroy than create, quicker to disrupt and trash rather than to
patiently build up.

The question of denominations came up in discussion today, and it’s
part of the issues I raise in the connected podcast here.

Emergent, emerging, postmodern believers as well as old-line hard-core
fundamentalist Christians all the way to fiery, exotic charismatic
Christ followers are often labeled in terms more akin to racist verbal
slurs than with any sense of love or grace. Funny how we want grace
for ourselves and our chosen group… but “the OTHERS” (my emphasis)
are simply idiots… hmmm… did you say grace and love??

Trust me, I’ve had to repent of the same stuff plenty of times!

Lord help us grow and promote maturity and more Christ-like temperaments.

Last I checked none of the nine fruits God the Holy Spirit produces in
the lives of Christ-followers (Galatians chapter five) didn’t include
sharp ridicule or outright disdain for people unlike “us”.

Hope you enjoy the podcast. Oh… at the end I quote (mis-quote)
“Study to show yourself approved, a workman unto God rightly dividing
the Word of truth”. For clarification, my own point was to accent our
approval, rather the importance of studying the Scriptures for a
better chance at getting at truth.

Thanks for visiting 🙂 -Glenn


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