New Year- Eternal Hope!

Seems like some folks are freaking out about Mayan calendars, economic
and “one world” possibilities, and in general full of anxiety over
political and environmental changes happening in the world.

Frankly, I’m not worried about the end of things (as we now experience
them) but rather about how extremism and fanatics often get more
airplay than people with godly faith, discernment and trust in God and
His Word as well as His guidance and protection coming when we need

And if God should decide to roll the place up like a scroll this year,
glory to God!

Our guest speaker this morning (Jacob Heiss: GREAT job!!) posted the
verse you see here up on JPUSA’s screens as the focus of his message.
Absolutely! And how and when God does it is fully up to HIM, not
principalities, powers nor human whim. GOD is sovereign, not anybody

“Have no anxiety about anything whatever (one translation renders it),
but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let
your requests be made known to God -and the peace of God which PASSES
(my accent here…) ALL UNDERSTANDING shall keep your heart and mind
in Christ Jesus.” Hmmm. Rather clear, don’t you think?

So we cannot by worry, make one hair white or black, but if you want
to be careful, be careful about paying too much attention to
self-proclaimed prophets who themselves are under little or no real
authority and who themselves expect others be under THEIRS!

“Let the prophets speak by two or at the most by three AND LET THE
OTHERS DISCERN (“judge” which is best interpreted “discern”) writes
Paul in 1 Corinthians 14. Further, anything that brings my focus and
attention off of God, His Word (Bible) and onto myself, away from
faith, hope and love but onto (classic…) conspiracy theories is
likely to dull my love for others and fall into a
self-protect/survival mode. Perhaps even an attack mode. I’m not
saying loving one’s enemies is easy… though Jesus commands us to do

Anyone care to call to account those who disdain the many martyrs in
church history who loved Jesus and others to the extent of suffering
and laying their lives down for Him and us?? Were these people all
stupid, “in the flesh”, disobedient to the point of giving up their
lives for His sake and that of the gospel?

End of story? Or as is always the case for true followers of Jesus,
just part of the journey towards a wonderful and
exciting-beyond-all-others beginning!

Eternity is where we’re going. Regardless of the trials along the path.

Jesus said “In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good
cheer (hmmmm??!!!) : I have overcome the world”.

So am I pro or against a “rapture of the saints”? Am I pre., mid. or
post-trib. (that’s, “tribulation”)? Frankly, I don’t care or worry
much about any of these personally as I’m part of God’s family because
of His love, calling, and faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection for
me. Let the chips and/or cards fall as they may, it doesn’t concern
me. Being ready to face Him is about faith, not circumstance. Ditto
knowing we shall see Him and be in His presence regardless of how or

Jesus also said “Without me you can do nothing” as well as “… that
where I am, you shall be also”.

Yep. Amen.

Hope you enjoy my attached meandering podcast 🙂

Regardless of any and all matters, in Jesus Christ, have a blessed new
year! Without Him… or even as a Christian if you allow people or
circumstances to shipwreck your focus… well, God have mercy on you
because you’re likely trusting in your own ability to protect
yourself. That’s useless. “Not by power or might by by My Spirit says
the Lord”.

HE -does- what we cannot- He alone is our Alpha and Omega!

Thanks for visiting 🙂 -Glenn




  1. Once again Glenn you nailed it. A VERY good and timely word. "A man has joy in an apt answer, And how delightful is a timely word!" Probverbs 15:23 Thanks

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