Prayer Needed For Dear Friends

Dear friends of mine are in need of prayer.

Tommy Ogle is a dear bro. in Christ and gifted bluegrass player with a
couple very cool cds. See our own Grrr Records release, Tommy’s
“Sparrow” project via this link -click on “Friends” and look for Tommy

Tommy has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

He and his sweet wife Rebecca, son and daughter-in-law and the rest of
his family are of course dealing with the shock of it all.

Myself, likely Tony Krogh from The Crossing and others will do a
benefit for the Ogle’s in the Paris, Tennessee area (their hometown)
performing many of his songs and raising as much money as we can for
them. Huge hospital and other bills are needing to be met.

The date is Saturday, January 28.

I’ll post exact info. on venue, time and etc. as soon as those putting
on the benefit have it all set, as well as posting it at the Grrr
Records site under Shows, and via my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thanks very much for praying for my friends!

His, yours, -Glenn

3 thoughts on “Prayer Needed For Dear Friends

  1. I remember Tommy when we both lived in Baton Rouge. I haven’t seen him since the late 70’s. I will be praying for him and his family.

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