4th Sunday in Advent & Another Project 12 Graduation

I’ve been so busy doing gigs and speaking, making gifts and running
errands re. Christmas that I didn’t post any pics from last Sunday at
JPUSA. So here they are. One projection screen, Tina bringing the
message of Love in the Savior and a couple shots of the fresh art of
the day, beautiful!

Project 12 (our Bible/Discipleship school) also graduated two more
good people on Sunday, cool part of the service and then a party that
night. My pics weren’t that good or I’d post them as well… but we’re
so proud of these sweet people plugging through what will prove an
important year of their walk with Jesus and others in the local family
of God.

And now, soon- we celebrate the the most important Birthday EVER 🙂

Blessings, -Glenn



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