The Bridge- Mission U.S.A.

Just got home from the last speaking/music (only speaking on my part
tonight) gig prior to Christmas.

The Bridge is a weekly meeting of a team from MissionUSA that links
carefully selected pastors from all over the Chicago Metro with ex
offenders and those caught in the tough, urban street lifestyle who
are looking for a way out.

That way is of course a personal relationship with Jesus, but many
church folk don’t know how (or don’t want) to reach out and interact
with these men and women. So Glen and Jane, Jed and crew do it- and do
it very, very well -and consistently

Each week a host church brings a hot meal and The Bridge team sets up
sound gear, leads worship, speaks, prays and interacts with those
attending. There is a no-condemnation, mercy-hearted but very direct,
biblical approach used by all involved.

Three of their pool of pastors speak 10 minutes each on a topic chosen
from attendees’ questions about walking with God. Jed and crew lead
great worship and at the end of the meeting, a nice meal and
fellowship happens.

The point is to help people in need link up with area pastors and
churches open to befriending, discipling and serving these in need who
all-too-often are left to fend for themselves.

Please have a look, a prayer and consider what you might give to help.
This is a great ministry served up by great and dedicated friends of

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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