Cook County Jail Christmas

Whew!! What a major-time enjoyable night I spent in jail. Well o.k., a
couple hours- and I have credentials so I get to walk in without cuffs
and leave when I like…

But the Willow Creek team were wonderful as always, got to play along
with Glen Rupp (great bro. and guitarist, regular and slide playing)
on several Christmas carol/worship tunes. I brought a couple of my own
songs and spoke on the most important Birth ever. And the need for

Humility of the Son of God coming down to earth as a vulnerable baby,
then super-vulnerable grown man who as God-in-the-flesh could have
cleaned house on His accusers and tormentors… but took it for our
sake, out of love for the Father and all of us. What love!

I encouraged these guys to drop violence and tough-guy nonsense and
learn what true humility before our holy God and others is about, and
that it’s an essential of godly manhood rather than playing

The response was truly amazing and I have no illusions: it’s due to
the many prayers going up for myself and the men there that spilled
out on us tonight. MANY thanks to those of you praying.

So many of these dudes have a stack of issues that they had little to
do with, though all of them (and us) are guilty of sin. The majority
in the division Willow serves are locked up for dope pushing or
possession or whatever, that is, they indeed broke various laws and
are about to be sentenced or let go.

Plenty of them deal with issues including extreme poverty, racism,
being hassled daily by gangs to join, zero job prospects and single or
zero parenting backgrounds. Addictions and more round out the mess of
so many of their lives.

I SO relate from my own past. So having compassion on these guys who
are away from family and friends (and on the good side, drugs, booze
and etc.!) over Christmas is no piece of cake for them but at the same
time they can focus on Jesus and begin or grow in a walk with Him. So
that’s what’s up.

The response was quite amazing tonight, but not un-typical. God’s
Spirit and in-your-face truth in love usually helps people focus. It
sure helps me to do so 🙂

Well, nearly time for bed. Thanks for stopping by, and BLESSED Christmas! -Glenn


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