Two Amazing Nights!

So leading up to The Amazing Night when we celebrate Jesus’ birth…
we just had an incredible couple evenings at both our Cornerstone
Community Outreach Christmas party- good group of people, nice chats,
lots of kids having fun, dancing and such… good food and cool rap w.
Becky Sanchez, goth-rockin’ with Leper and GKB brought the blues/rock
and a couple blues/rock versions of Joy To The World and Silent Night
at the end.

Tonight (Saturday) Maron brought a wonderful set as usual, and I was
so encouraged at the fine singing of Ami and Rebecca (two of my
girls), Brach and Joby nailed the guitar and upright bass parts, Curt
brought the Word and his excellent poems, a great crowd and wonderful
staff at Nite Light Cafe… a truly fine time for all of us!

Now to enjoy that warm bed next to my sweet Wendi.

Today was also Chicago’s first snowfall of the year as well.

So here are some pics -and I apologize… none of Ami and Rebecca and
band… argggh… took a video of them but forgot to turn the sound on
and the frames weren’t good enough quality to lift for pics. Baaahhh.
But they were SO good and I’m so proud of ’em!

Best wishes for your Advent Sunday 🙂

As always, I thank you for stopping by! -Glenn


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