Shows, Services, Advent!

Three sets over the next several days: GKB brings blues/rock and a
couple Christmas songs to our annual Cornerstone Community Outreach
shelter friends Friday.

Saturday myself and family and The Unfortunate do what we call Kaiser
Family Christmas along with Maron opening, over at Nite Light Cafe in
Berwyn, Illinois (Chicago suburb). You can find more info. on that via in the Shows section.

Then Monday night I’m blessed in bringing the music and message to one
of Chicago’s Cook Co. Jail divisions as part of a Willow Creek team
who serve there every Monday night. I’m grateful to be joining them
(at the very least) quarterly for these services.

Enjoying Advent, getting some Christmas presents done (mostly
hand-made this year) and I’m SO thankful for God’s provision, decent
health, and such a large family and group of friends to share the
journey with!

JPUSA’s Uptown Christian School had it’s annual Christmas program last
night- what a blast seeing my grandkids and the entire school’s
amazingly creative and fun performances!

This is a busy but deep and sweet time of year.

Remember to pause, reflect, drink the latte slowly as you pray and
remember WHO and what Christmas is all about 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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