Benefits, Advent, Misc. Joy!

This is a many-faceted blog entry -so you’ve been forewarned 🙂

** What a wonderful night at the Dean Morrissette Benefit in Oswego!

Great folks, a LOT of people with good food, zillions of things
donated for raffle prizes and all-in-all I think a truly beneficial
event for Dean and Dianne who face huge bills and rehab.

I was pleased at answers to prayer because the truth is that many
benefits cost more than they make financially and these folks are in

Kudos to pastor Al and our friends in Aurora who made it a special
event for good peeps!!

** Today’s JPUSA service (the theme this year is “Journey”) this 3rd
Sunday in Advent was/is Joy- and it was. Worship team was great, the
fresh art by Janet Cameron (whose husband, pastor Tom brought the
Word) wonderful as we again considered the love and grace of God
announcing the birth of the Savior to poor shepherds! Sweet. You can
see some pics from my phone here, also a cool Tim Davis cartoon in our
Rev Rag (JPUSA’s Sun. service bulletin:).

** Next Sunday I do several blues songs, then morph right into Kaiser
Family Christmas at a show where Maron opens out at Night Lite Cafe in
Berwyn, Illinois.

Always fun for my family (including Ami Moss & The Unfortunate, my
wife Wendi, daughter Rebecca, Father-in-law Curt Mortimer) who all
join in singing, sharing scriptures and the Christmas story as well as
some history of the traditions. Amazing how many folks just don’t know
where things like the Christmas tree really got their start.

So we look forward to this as well.

** I’m building more found-object, cookie tin and cigarbox guitars, 1,
2 and 3 stringers (steel strings), 1 and 2 string (weed whacker
line… amazing sound) fretless basses as well. Fun stuff. But I build
’em very cheap and keep ’em rustic as I have very little time to give
to it. Playing them more and more in my solo shows as well, great fun.
Sooner or later I’ll get the pickup-building and actual frets-creating
down, but for now mostly acoustic slide-playing builds. I’ve come up
with some very cool slides (made of polished conduit) so that’s been
fun for me.

** Lastly, I found a cool free Advent calendar with scripture and
brief comments for each day. There are loads of them, mostly free, for
Android, Iphone and Ipod, etc.. I’m enjoying them.

Well, off to a sale (my wife a lots of others at JPUSA) doing an
in-house el-cheapo craft sale that will also send a portion of each
sale as a donation to our CCO Shelter. Nice. Wendi has knit some
really cool hats and scarves.

BLESSED Advent all! -Glenn



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