Could It Be… For Me?

This morning as I ate breakfast and chatted with friends in our dining
room my daughter and one of my youngest grandsons came by on their way
out the door.

He came right up to me and smiled, talking to “Grampy”.

I picked him up as I often do, giving him a good squeeze, kisses and
telling him I loved him “so much”. I and truly do!

Immediately it came to mind that this is how God thinks of us, how He sees us.

We are getting closer to the time of year when as Christ-followers we
re-read, sing and listen to the songs and remember, perhaps even
re-think the Greatest Story of all, that of Jesus coming into our
world as babe, a vulnerable child.

It’s also clear that “though He was God” (as the scripture says) He
didn’t lose that vulnerability while on earth.

Many preachers including myself are reminding us that He is THE
greatest Gift God ever gave.

Often I and others will highlight the fact that the greatest gift we
can give Him is ourselves.

Very early in my Christian walk I wondered how that could ever be
true! How could I be any sort of gift, weak, selfish, sinful as I am.
“Just as I am without one plea” goes the famous Billy Graham crusade

And yet it’s absolutely true: our heavenly Father smiles on us with
greater, deeper love and appreciation, affection and kindness than I
could ever have for my own children and grandsons.

Humbling, gracious and amazing, this loving Father Who knows us and
all our flaws, and yet continues to reach out to us with a smile, hug
and a heart of tender compassion.

It’s true. Believe it!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this Advent season! -Glenn


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