Advent is a time of preparation, of waiting, waiting for Jesus to come.

But oh how we hate to wait, partly because some of our journeying includes pain.

In such moments It’s not only o.k. but necessary to vent some, to talk
to friends about your fears, worries, depressions, temptations.

At times even the solutions are difficult medicine to swallow!

I’m often reminding people that laments are the number one type of
Psalm in the largest book of the Bible- and for good reason.

The problem is that we sometimes become paralyzed in our worries.

God is NEVER in such a sate, rather His timing is perfect and He moves
when He moves with His Own best purposes for us in mind.

Never forget that the Christian life is a life of faith. In fact, a
life of faith, hope and love.

When we stray from these in our thoughts, emotions and choices, we
stray from the God of hope, the One True God Who IS Love!

Of course even our faith in Him is a gift from Him.

Do bad things happen to good and godly people? Indeed they do.

People who follow Jesus are not immune to hardship, illness and
natural disasters. Any honest study of human history gives plenty of
evidence to that fact. Laments are fine, everyone experiences worry,
fear and heartbreak in this “veil of tears” we experience here on
earth! But -living- in a constant place of doubt, fear, worry or anger
(I have to find a scapegoat… someone to BLAME for my pain) is a

If anyone could have lived a life of self-pity, anxiety and even anger
and outright hatred toward God- it is the Son of God Himself. He
was/is sinless, we are not. He did nothing to deserve the misery He
got. Sometimes we are merely reaping what we’ve sown, though sometimes
not. In any case Jesus kept a “right heart” through it all. We
certainly need His help to do likewise!

Jesus knew the incredible burden He was to bear from the beginning-
and yet in faith, love and trust- and yes, surrender and obedience to
the Father, He walked the road.

That road not only led to His own crucifixion but to His (and our own
if we repent, believe and follow Him) resurrection!

In no way was it a continual party, joy-ride, or “get-what-you-want”
deal from God the Father!

But consider what happened in the long run. Consider all He gave us.
Consider the power of His character, His life, the inspiration He
brings us every day.

Even those who hate the very idea of Jesus Christ- though at times
begrudgingly- talk about the layers of good things He said and did.
They may not want to trust and surrender but they cannot castigate His
character, His loving, healing, care for the poor and the outcasts.

As so many are in such difficult times economically, as we see more
and more people caught in substance abuse- and some of this due to
despair linked to broken marriages and families, job loss, illness and
a broken world, let those of us who follow Jesus not live in
self-pity, complaint and paralysis.

The core answer is the same as it has ever been- because the only God
is Himself exactly the same as He has ever been… and He knows our
needs before we even ask Him for help. The core answer? It is as
simple and at the same time profound as this:

“Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will
mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They
will walk and not become weary.” (Isaiah 40.31)

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. A Strong…but much needed word. I needed to hear. I will take this word of admonishmnet and by God’s grace live it. Sometimetimes I think that when I belabor my weakness to overcome a hurt, habit or hangup, it becomes a form of selfpity…your article made me see this…thanks Glen.

  2. You are so welcome! Thanks much for your comment. I truly understand, I've gone there too at times… Lord help us! -Glenn

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