Three Blues Tunes in One YouTube Video Post


Our friends at The Pig & Weasel houseshow venue (Evanston, IL) posted
another YouTube vid of my recent set there.

It includes “Repurposed” but also includes a short version of “Sweet
Home Chicago” from which I morphed into “Crossroads”, so all three
tunes are in the same clip.

“Repurposed” (from my “Cardboard Box” cd) is played on Rat Daddy’s
gift to me, a 4 string guitar with a piezo pickup and an antique
bedpan serving as the body. Nice! His site is at:

Sweet Home/C-roads is played on the very first “found object” 3 string
guitar I ever built, a little metal cookie tin with piezo pickup I
soldered in under the bridge.

Both guitars are plugged into a (appx.) 1 1/2 watt Trimmed & Burnin’
amp which is named “Spanky”… the little all-tube amp with an 8 in.
Weber speaker rips!

I made a shortened link to the YouTube clip via TinyUrl. Here you go:

Enjoy your weekend and Advent 🙂 -Glenn

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