Pig and Weasel Show


Now I know the title of this blog is misleading… there really was no
pig and/or weasel doing a show…. BUT:

Great fun tonight at the Pig & Weasel up in Evanston, a suburb just
north of Chicago.

Packed house, very sweet crowd, great opening dudes (serious guitar
playing and cool song-writing) and the owners and Chris who did the
booking were wonderful. Very cool house show venue and if you’re a
guitarist or more acoustic band you’d be wise to contact them with
your press kit and music.

You can find them in Facebook.

Thanks to Todd and Mona- Pig and Weasel staff (great food too, kudos!)
and the kind folks who showed up and interacted so positively with
me/us tonight!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too. -Glenn


1 Comment

  1. <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" ><tr><td valign="top" style="font: inherit;">Glenn, how hard is it to teach a pig to do something entertaining? &nbsp; &nbsp; Arnold Ziffle was amazing and he showed the whole world what all a pig can learn to do. Not to mention the incredible Pigasus ( obligatory Chicago reference ) and Weasles, man they just can’t help being funny.That’s why we call them " nature’s little clowns". &nbsp;break a leg,bro. &nbsp; Dave in Phoenix<br><br>—</td></tr></table>

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