The ONLY Reason We Aren’t Destroyed

It’s truly time to give THANKS!

Lamentations is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to read through.

Well, it sure was for me as a brand-new follower of Jesus! This book
was a royal bummer until I read these words:

“It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his
compassions fail not.” Lam. 3.22

Jeremiah “got it”. Do we?

We look for love and comfort in so many places that just don’t serve
us well in serving Him and others, no?

Israel was so often in what we believers call a “backslidden” state of
living (if you call that living!). God continually sent prophets to
His people to call them home to Himself, back to the Rock, the
Provider, to the One True Love and in that He never lied to them about
what would happen, both calamities and blessings came upon them.

I”m not saying all horrid things come upon us specifically because of
sinful choices. That’s not only too simplistic, it’s just not true.
Consider the many martyrs whose lives and faith often make us look
like the spiritual wimps we sometimes are! They suffered BECAUSE they
lived holy lives and did not hide their light…

The Bible tells us God doesn’t do anything that He doesn’t let the
prophets in on. (Amos 3.7) This doesn’t mean there aren’t false
prophets or that they/we don’t get it wrong at times, we most
certainly DO mess up in terms of hearing Him. The point is that He
lets some folks in on some things, and yet it also says (1 Cor. 13) we
each and all have partial knowledge. There remains much mystery in
this life.

Yet at least one thing should not seem so mysterious to us: He is
faithful to Himself, His Own Word and His people.

Jeremiah is called “the weeping prophet” and Lamentations is just
that- a lament, a book of sorrows as it were.

On and on the sad story of the people’s rebellion and callousness in
terms of their relationship to the Lord unfolds. Finally Jeremiah
“comes up for air” in an otherwise painful-to-read book.

Because of God’s continual mercy we are not utterly wiped out, not
completely destroyed.

Not because of our faithfulness, our love for Him and others, not due
to our own obedience or sterling ability to both hear and follow
Him… no, it finally comes down to what it always does, true for both
His people, agnostics and complete atheists. Due to His love and
mercy, His compassion- we are not destroyed. Period. Not good works or
intelligence or any other thing, person or power, only His mercy.

How is it we sometimes find it so difficult to share that mercy with others?

This Thanksgiving let’s truly give Him thanks for His compassion…
and ask Him for fresh ways to share it with those around us.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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