A Must-Read!

Curt Mortimer (JPUSA’s poet laureate) recently passed along a
brilliant Langston Hughes poem to Jon Trott who placed it
front-and-center on the Wilson Station page. It is WELL worth reading
through for a lot of reasons- but don’t click on it yet please!!

If you know much about me you know I’m a missionary at heart, by call
and by experience.

From my earliest years anyone and anything DIFFERENT than myself, my
family or local surroundings interested me as much if not more than
those I associated with and interacted with every day. Why?

I guess my own curiosity about people- and I mean the entire human
race- is what propelled me into listening to music, examining various
food and clothing choices and a hundred other things that -other-
folks saw as good and normal as opposed to what I and those
immediately around me thought of as good and normal. These varied
views all caused me to think “outside the box” about life and even
about what was cool and not worth much.

In my experience folks raised in central Wisconsin farm country tend
to be quite conservative and in fact are often pretty fiercely
independent. I’m not all that different. Which means I think
differently than many 🙂 It also means I’m open to what may be
opposing views to my own view of reality.

Yep, I’m an old hippie but there is so much old German conservative
farm kid in me I think it balances things out a bit…

So why am I writing all this before sending you to a Langston Hughes poem?

This poet has long been celebrated by literary giants who understand
the power and brilliance of the written word including poetry, prose
and other verse- far better than I. But I know what moves me, and I
think stark truths pretty well leap out at us on occasion.

I discovered Hughes via my high school library and was blown away, at
first by one of his best-known pieces, that being “God’s Trombones”.
I’ve just kept reading and appreciating him ever since.

I’ll be blunt- you may or may not appreciate this one, but I beg you
to read with integrity (yours) and not seeking to find exits to truths
or looking to somehow discredit points he makes that make you and I
less than comfortable.

Just as we must exegete scripture on the basis of truth rather than
our our prejudices in order to properly interpret it, so I would
advise in reading anything anyone writes. Certainly Langston Hughes
has a perspective we must face- and face up to- regarding this land
and people (?) we love -or ought to by Jesus’ Own command!

Thanks for stopping by- and check out http://www.wilsonstation.com for
“Let America Be America”, penned in 1935!

Yours, -Glenn


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