GK Solo Blues, Etc. Peoria Show & Service Weekend

I’ll be with our Dream Center/City Church/Peoria Outreach Center
friends Sat. & Sun. November 12 @ 7pm doing blues and Nov. 13 @ 10am
leading worship, blues and speaking. As usual, all details are at
http://www.grrrrecords.com in the Shows section. Hope to see some of
you there! -Glenn



  1. Funny, we are trying to leave Peoria (St. Francis Hospital), otherwise, we would be joining you. What an honor that you are coming to Aurora Dec. 10th! Glenn, you were the last music set Dean and I watched at Cornerstone this last summer….and it was the best! Not sure if you know, but Dean and I celebrated our 1 yr. anniversary there this past summer. We were married there at C.S. the year before! It is a very special place for us and have enjoyed your shows as well as so many others. I understand you heard about Dean’s hunting accident, we planned on one of us getting the big buck, but instead we have been blessed by the sudden change in our lives. So far in just a couple of weeks, we have been able to bless others, and share God’s love. He has opened a new door for us and we are embracing all the great things to come that will give Him glory! We are so touched that you want to reach out and help us through the worldly reality of the situation. We are blown away by your blessing, and want to say thank you and God Bless you! ~Dean & Dianne~ Have an AWESOME show this weekend!

  2. I will try to get there tonight….turns out Dean is still at St. Francis Hospital for at least the weekend….if you have time before your show…stop by and we will treat you to some good old fashioned hospital food!!!! He is in room 3306 on the Neuro-Science floor!

  3. Diana, thanks so much for your kind response above! I could not but help out when I heard of this accident. You may be aware I bowhunt as well… just zero time this year. But we are so pressed for time I just don't think we'll be able to get up to see Dean at this point. Tomorrow we're up early, I lead worship and speak and then head home right after… grandson's with us and has some time-certain stuff back in Chicago… I'm so sorry! Praying and if we see you or not tonight, God's GRACE to you both!!! See you soon in any case! With His strong love, -Glenn

  4. Thank you Glenn! I knew that you and John bow hunt, I’ve seen John;s pictures….sorry you won’t have time this year, especially this weekend during the rut! I didn’t get a chance to leave the hospital last night, but kept you in prayer during the show. You and Wendy make sure you rest, enjoy the grandson (we really miss our grandkids)….safe travels back to Chicago and yes…see you soon!!! Love in Christ Brother,Dianne

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