The Beneficial Mirror

You (and I) have to learn to seek after and actually love truth.

From time to time I either read or hear -and on occasion enter into
discussions about the Bible and doctrine versus relationship. That’s
probably the simplest way to outline the issue.

There have always been- and shall always be- built-in tensions with
communication. Language can clarify or confuse, can draw us together
or rip us apart.

Communication skills whether verbal, in writing or mixed with other
art forms are often laced with “mine fields”. People get confused,
mis-understand or at times DO understand one another and flat-out

If we are each free moral agents, if we believe each person has the
right to think independently of others, then due to many complex
reasons we all WANT to be able to agree or disagree as we see fit, no?

As individuals and groups, we don’t actually WANT somebody else’s
doctrines (that is, teachings, beliefs) to be FORCED into our brains
and hearts, nor to be coerced into our lives in what may feel or even
be dictatorial fashion.

And there also lies a problem. What do I mean?

If someone believes I should face the fact there’s dirt on my face and
need to clean it off, are they correct or not?

For years I have thought about and sometimes written lyrics with a core
concept of a “mirror” in mind.

That is, what you see, what is really THERE when you look into an
honest mirror (essential… not the “fun house re-shaping mirrors mind
you!)? What appears in good and strong light (in the dark you’ll not
get much of a reflection of your true face)? Perhaps you’ll need
glasses or contacts to get the detail, but in any case, what IS as
opposed to what you’d like to see is The Deal.

Do people “write their own Bibles” in their own heads? Of course,
always have. Does that make what I think THE “Word of God” or is it
rather “the word of god” and even less inerrant than some will argue
the Bible is?

At core, either we are willing to look deeply at our lives and from
time to time respond to ourselves, God and others honestly about what
we truly believe, live out and look like… or we do not.

Mirrors are not always fun. The same goes for photos, video and audio
recording. You may love it, hate it or think it best to re-do it, but
what you get is what you got.

I’ve been giving basic guitar lessons to someone and told them it
would be helpful for them to record themselves in that they (and
ultimately others) will help foster musical growth by taking an
“audio snapshot” of their playing from time to time.

We need to face the often painful and hard tension of mirrors that
tell us the truth about ourselves. It will be a rare moment when you
or I or anyone will love all we see, whether when taking personal
inventory or when others do it for us (invited or not). And yet growth
in part, can only come by such a process.

Some want to toss the Bible out due to mis-interpretations (their own
or others!), some want to focus only on relationships as they believe
doctrines and disagreements over doctrines are at least one of, if not
The Major cause of disunity and pain amongst people.

People hurt people. We each and all have (and use) the ability to
kindly love or deeply wound one another. It’s part of life, there is
no full “fix” for this.

What I get concerned about is that too many want to reject God, and/or
the Bible, and/or the church (any assembly of believers who do not see
everything THEIR way) and in so doing rob themselves of beneficial
relationship to both God and others… as well as straying away from
the Book of Truth that outshines any other book I’ve ever read.

Perhaps regular use of a good mirror… or two or three kinds of
them… would help us?

Shame, fear, anger or pride that bring one to avoiding mirrors won’t
help our complexion one bit! Twisted self-protection can lead to
hideous amounts of acne, sometimes even skin cancer.

In fact, avoiding beneficial mirrors may be the best way to trash authentic
relationships I know of.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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