Artists of Faith Q’s


The following questions are not meant to be an “end-all, be-all” for a
person of faith in the arts.

For myself, personally, they have been major issues at the core of my
own creativity and artistic efforts whether in speaking, writing
music/lyrics/prose/blogs, etc., and in terms of making decisions that
may well somehow influence others.

In no particular order:

*What is redemptive about this?

*Is God in any sense honored by it?

*Is this merely a matter of self-expression or is spiritual “salt and
light” at all spilling through this offering?

Of course I fully admit to be thinking as anyone with an evangelistic
gift/calling would.

**Are all Christ-followers called to bury, hide or ignore redemptive work?

**Should all authentic Christians merely focus on honoring themselves
or other people or their work and neglect glorifying God in the public

**Does it ever matter to the Lord whether or not we and therefore our
offerings bring “salt and light” via our art, other work, and life?

I ask these questions of myself all the time and admit I’m no paragon
of perfection nor anywhere near it in -any- of this! The facts are
that I have often blown it in these areas on a number of occasions.
The other fact is that I care deeply about these issues because I
believe Jesus does.

Further, going beyond displayed art, if we artists are not activists,
what are we? “Apathists”?! And there you are, perhaps I’ve created a
new word in my quest to better reflect the love and truth of the

Things to consider and I think, worthy of consideration 🙂 Thanks for
stopping by. -Glenn


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