Recording & Misc. Update


So I’ve been writing a lot of songs (various styles and kinds)
recently and have more in my head I’ve just not recorded demos of yet.
All in good time…

Had a nice day today recording at Grrr Records studio. Ed set me up,
out came my Gibson lap steel, some of my wonderful pedals and one of
the sweet little Trimmed & Burnin’ amps. I played some slide guitar
for something called “The Martyr’s Project” that also features Phil
Keaggy and other friends. More on that when it’s time to tell the
story -but I was invited to slash away at a song and did so today.
Hopefully they can use some of what I did on the tune.

Also recorded a Christmas song with a blues feel via my Dobro, just
one track of dobro and one vocal. Grrr will release that sometime
prior to Christmas, again, we’ll post news on that when it’s mixed,

Working on a “found object” guitar, one bass and three guitar strings,
fretless, for slide playing. It’s a gift for a friend who digs
cigarbox and found object guitars as I do. Fun. I’ll post pics when
finished, likely on Sunday night.

Nathan snapped the included photo today. Relaxed Kaiz 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll haul a few of my home-made guitars along with my sweet
McClellan acoustic and harmonicas to a show here in Chicago (see Grrr
Records “Shows” section if you’re interested). Info. about my
wonderful McClellan acoustic is here via the link:

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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