“Seasoned” With Salt

Get it?!! Well, at least I hope this blog is…

And no, that’s not a ufo but a jet on the way to Chicago O’hare
International airport (above that tree)!

Being very honest, I don’t fully understand why I love the change of
seasons so much, but like quite a few others in this world, I do.

Others would love to camp out in summer, perhaps spring, or autumn or winter.

I really enjoy all of them- and I don’t like some things about all of
them… but I guess my longtime favorite season is autumn.

The woods, the scent, the sunlight through bright leaves, the moving
of animals, hunting, just being out in crisp air all brings me to

I could also mention other cool (to me at least) things I really like
about the other three seasons.

Anyone reading this knows I interact with nature. So did (and do) a
lot of people.

The Celts (and Celtic Church) among other people groups recognized God
via nature and even the seasons. You can find references to this all
through their writings, prayers and history.

Again, if you’ve looked at very many of my song lyrics or read my
writing over the years you likely know I’m at peace with change and
think it important to write about it from time to time as part of
life- both for Christians and those not walking in faith with God. We
really need to embrace what IS as opposed to what we wish “was”!

One job of those who love and communicate with others is to observe,
to look, to listen.

Some of the greatest personal pleasures for me have been in times,
places and among people where I am able to discuss art and creativity,
music included but also other art forms and interaction of such forms.

Nature is a wonderful setting for this and I’ve been blessed by being
able to share from the Bible, personal experience and hands-on
workshops in several places over the years. I LOVE such opportunities,
because when if/when I’m able to encourage deeper -and- wider thought
about music, writing and the arts in such settings, the examples of
nature, growth and change are immediately in front of all attending.
You can literally SEE God’s hand at work, sometimes very slowly while
other times very, very quickly.

It’s like that with my life, with your life, with everyone whether
they are willing to pay attention or admit it or not.

Consider how the economy, health issues, a huge inheritance, an open
door in a local church or ministry, a “door” of opportunity or
longtime service (or relationships, etc.) closes. Sometimes these
things happen slowly, sometimes lightning quick.

How we come to the Lord (or not), how quickly we bring thanks, cries
for help, make carefully prayed-over and informed decisions as the
seasons of our lives change are all so very important!

Few people like baking or sunburns in the middle of summer, few truly
enjoy being caught out in brutal, stinging ice storms and blizzards in
winter. I’ve not met many people who love having to un-stick cars and
trucks out of muddy back roads in spring or the hard, cold winds and
rains that sometimes occur in autumn.

Yet how we respond and adjust not only tells us something about our
maturity but about our resilience. Can we “bounce back”, will we allow
fear, anxiety or depression to “run” our “show” or do we know Who and
who to turn to for the help we need?

Can we live in faith and a genuine sense of peace and joy even when
uncomfortable with changes?

Will we allow anger at God, bitterness with people, worry about our
future to overshadow our thinking and choices in the present moment?

Choices, all choices we must each make as the seasons turn. They will
not stop turning until we arrive before the throne of God.

Ha, I’m personally not certain whether there will be a continuum of
“change” or “seasons” as we think of them now… but there will be no
more negative anything because we shall see His face and -we- shall be

Those following Jesus ALWAYS have something to look forward to!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn




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  2. There is no way of conveying how true this is to me and how your music has affected me in that way – I appreciate nature much more through your music. The epitome to that is certainly "Across These Fields Reprise". Scenery and ultimate truth put into me long time before I knew the song. Thanks Glenn! 🙂

  3. You're so welcome Andreas. Yep- the heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament shows his handiwork. Yes. Thanks, -Glenn

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