Knit Together in Love


That title… seems like I’ve read that phrase somewhere…

Anyhow, my sweet Wendi has enjoyed knitting for quite some time.

She has gotten great teaching on it from family and friends, taken
plenty of time studying knitting books and reading online articles,
etc., and when she gets stuck she’s humble as well as smart enough to
go get help from sisters who know what’s what with the process.

Wendi has made a great many knit items as Christmas, birthday and
other gifts, and just because she loves a lot of people and tries to
offer what she can in service to them. Her knitting skills are
appreciated and she (for close to forty years now) always amazes me
with her love, servanthood and giving heart.

My bride reminds me of the bride of Christ- that is, the Church.

We each need to figure out how to best serve others though our
spiritual and practical gifts and talents. We need to be careful to
not yield to arrogant or super-insecure attitudes where we end up
either not asking -or are slow to ask for help when we’re in need of
it. We need to be close enough to godly and wise friends who will aid
us when and as we need help.

We can all benefit from reading God’s Word as well as other excellent
books and Web-based books, articles, etc., in order to better learn
HOW to best love and serve God and others.

Some years I have more time than others and I just don’t know if I can
take the time to get into the deer woods this season, but if I do
there is a wonderful knit scarf and camo-like hand warming muff both
of which Wendi created for me. Sweet! And warm. Just like any of us in
the churches -can- be.

There are plenty of cold days ahead, seasons change, it’s just part of
life. Thank God for the opportunity to bring gifts of love and warmth-
both spiritual and otherwise, to others. Thank God for those who bless
-you- with such kindness.

I’ll finish this blog with a pic of her latest, pretty piece of
work… right in front of one of the Lord’s prettiest bits of work 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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