Political/Sacrificial Christian Rant

This blog entry will not be what you may think it’ll be as it’s not
condoning either party whom the majority or minority of voters vote
for each election year in the U.S..

Rather, it’s about the average American citizen and about how we got
into the mess we’re in.

For decades the American standard of living has been near if not at
the top of all nations.

While some of what I’m about to write may sound like I think all
corporations are horrid beasts, that’s not even close to what I’m
going for in this post.

In my view, in a very simplified form:

-There is no real cap on the amount of time a candidate can stump for
an election

-There is no real cap on how much money they can spend on an election

-There is no real cap on media expenditures (in particular, tv or
print) for adds regarding an election

-In 99 percent of U.S. elections the one with the most money spent wins

-There are several ways large corporations (lobbying, etc.)
essentially put candidates in and out of office

-Due to promises made as well as lobbyists in Washington and state
capitols, etc., corporations not only often hold sway over laws
(getting into or out of the books, or changed to benefit their
interests) but:

-Due to the fact no president (or governor) gets in or keeps office
without the above large money and support from that money:

Money rules the natural, practical world

Due to all of this, there is never a “level playing field”.

The power that such money brings is what Americans have been partakers
of for… well, just about forever.

One more mention regarding corporate interests and I’ll get to the point…

Manufacturers and service industries, those in media and advertising
companies work in our society to tell us what we need. They just don’t
provide goods and services, they literally bomb us with the most
seductive (on all levels whether sexual, cute, hilarious or
you-name-it) “you NEED and will BENEFIT MORE AND MOST” from whatever
it is they sell.

Propaganda in both politics and industry is simply rampant.

I thank God and our forefathers for a free press, freedom of speech
and all the other freedoms. I TRULY do!

But these core problems (and they indeed are) are rather hardwired
into our minds and even hearts as much as practice when it comes to
making any number of decisions including what to buy or not, where to
travel or not and whom to elect to president or dog-catcher.

But the mad dog is us. The enemy is truly us.

No, not the democrat, republican or libertarian, not the full-on out
of balance nut case on either either the right or the left, but you
and me.

We want stuff we don’t need, we seek hard after comforts that once
gained we nearly come to a civil war over keeping, and again the Book
of James says it best.

In the end, when insane, demonized Islamic people crash planes and
bomb innocents, those in power (corporate and political) have to DO
something. That something costs lives and money.

Politicians, business people and most all Americans either play ball
with this situation or are directly involved in allowing it.


The answers are complex, but the simple overview truth is we like our comforts.

Those comforts are going away and it -may- be they’ll not return any
time soon and perhaps not at all.

Further, speaking as a Christian, God is still on the throne (and
thank Him, not you, me or us!).

Some of the greatest revivals (actually, first-time commitments to the
Lord) in history have come about in just such times of hardship.

But the Church (general, local and actual individuals involved) had
better step up. Demonstrating is good, voting is good, all of these
things are helpful, but living a simpler life and being willing to not
only consider living a less materialistic and comfort-based life but
actually reaching out to one’s neighbor with the genuine love of Jesus
and practical help IS THE DEAL.

I hear people yelling about patriotism… may I ask if the patriots
are those who pack up and outsource their business to other countries
to make ever more profits?

Self, not country, is our curse.

Self, comfort and living whatever standard of life (stuff, more
stuff!) is going out the window.

When one really looks at what is happening in other nations and
cultures, there are several things I wish to point out:

Those who are not struggling as most of the industrial West want more
of what we have (or had and are losing). Some sit in the “developing
nations” category and are feeling the “hit” mid-stream. Many live
subsistence, and I mean sufficient clean water and/or food.

This last segment of the world has suffered under drought and other
disasters, despotic leadership (if “leadership” is the correct term)
and has seen increasing death rates.

Do we REALLY think God’s will is always for us to get what we want
while others are simply trying to keep their children and themselves

People are acting more and more like dogs who’ve had their favorite
bone (boneS, really) snatched from them.

They want to eliminate those who seem to be snatching those bones.

BOTH parties were in power when Wall Street cheats and fraud took
place. BOTH parties were involved in legislation favorable if not
merely allowing the graft and corruption to continue.

The poor, the stranger (immigrants) legal or otherwise, those
different than us get scape-goated, yes, even by Christian people.

As long as we buy (literally) into stuff we don’t need and allow anger
against those otherwise not in positions to make the obvious changes
I’ve implicitly listed above, we’re pretty well sunk.

Again, sinking is sometimes exactly what we need to do in order to
come to Jesus and learn how to walk on water.

It’s about following God, not any kind of American Dream.

It’s about making hard choices for ourselves before they’re made for
us by forces we aren’t in control of.

The fact is that we have to choose sacrifices before we choose to
blame others for what we’re losing.

When others are literally dying for lack of water, food and basic
needs for physical life, whatever it is we think we can’t live without
looks a great deal differently to me. How about you?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn



  1. Thank you for this, Glenn. The USA has an idolatrous relationship with money and possessions, and I’m guilty as well… and I’m working on that.

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