How Things Grow

There is some sort of idea that growth happens “like magic”, that
people are somehow irrelevant to any sort of growth happening.

I don’t share such faith though I fully believe and have experienced
the grace and power of the sovereign God Who indeed grows both things
and people with no help whatsoever from human beings.

When one looks at our side yard garden here in Chicago, that God grows
things wonderfully- in fact imagined up and created the beauty there-
well, I’m sure of it.

I’m equally sure that several friends of mine and one in particular
take a great deal of personal time and interest in assuring the
health, growth and beauty of the flowers.

It’s “both-and”, not either-or.

We know this to be true but too often we seem to either focus fully on
God’s power or on our own ability to invoke change and growth.

No secret, no magic involved. Not now, not ever.

There is no room for apathy in this life.

Though there is ignorance there is also willful ignorance, that
attitude of “I don’t want to get involved…let’s just trust God and
we don’t have to do a thing” in terms of practical action.

I’m not sure which is more dangerous: not taking the time to confront
our own prejudices and sins, or not taking the time to carefully study
issues and face facts as they are rather than as we’d like to think
they are and then act? I think both must happen- and then action must
be taken accordingly.

Without this very little changes… except for the worse.

Is there a time to stand still? Of course. But things continue to
unfold in life no matter who you are, whether you get involved or not.
“The least of these”, the poor are always near. Apathy doesn’t respond
in love.

Love is an action, not merely a concept.

Walking through the garden this afternoon brought this to mind again.
That, and the fact of God’s Word which proclaims we reap what we sow
(the garden…).

May God help us take great care to sow His love, to live in His Truth,
to walk with humility and compassion, to recognize that we are called
to tend His garden carefully and faithfully.

Enjoy the harvest!

And thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn



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