Where Does My Help Come From?

You talk too much. You don’t open up, never say enough. You don’t
think things through. You think to the point of absurdity and never
act. You sleep too long. You don’t sleep enough. You need to study
more. You study all the time and by it escape from relationships you
ought to be attending to. On and on the thoughts rush in…

For any of us there can (and on occasion will be) a never-ending
stream of voices in our head telling us we’ll never measure up, never
really “get it”… that we may as well give up.

It may indeed be we need testing and medication for biological
depression, anxiety and so forth. The battle for the mind is not
always or only a spiritual matter. And yet:

There is also a bottom-line truth to the fact that there’s no ultimate
place to turn but to God.

With Jesus Christ in my life I have weathered such storms through the
years. In my case and that of most reading this -it’s not about mental
health but spiritual health.

Let me tell you something about myself that some would never imagine:
I’m not as secure in my own thinking as I may seem to be to some.

I have fears and doubts about my own strength and abilities, worries
about my family and fellowship, about my ability to write, speak, be
the sort of husband, father, grandfather, singer, musician and
minister God has called me to be. I know my own temptations and sins
all too well. But my focus is (or rather quickly returns to!) the Lord
Himself and what HE says about things in His Word.

I’m convinced that I’ve been saved by His grace and that I cannot earn
His love and mercy, that THE place I must turn when any rush of
(sometimes conflicting) thoughts enters my head: “Lord help me!”

Not only is there no other place to go (whether alone or with other
Christ-followers, He’s still our true Source!) but all along His deep
desire is that we’d come to Him.

So many verses speak to our need. Let me quote from memory, bits of them now:

The Lord is a very present help in trouble… I will never leave you
nor forsake you… I am with you ALWAYS, even to the end of the
age… when the Spirit comes He will lead you into all truth… I will
not leave you comfortless… from where does my help come? It comes
from the Lord Who made heaven and earth… I know the thoughts that I
think toward you says the Lord, thoughts of peace… a future and a
hope… draw near to God and He will draw near to you… though the
hills be removed and the mountains be destroyed… nothing shall be
able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our

There indeed is a “cleansing by the washing of the water of the Word”
that sustains me and all who seek Jesus.

See, over and over again I return to HIM… to His Word… to His
people. I don’t mean friends who always think I’m the cool dude… to
friends who know and follow Him, who speak the truth to me in love-
but speak the truth. I’m convinced a large part of my spiritual health
and progress -and one of the key things by which the Spirit bails me
out when the rush of thoughts and feelings would overwhelm me comes
in, are the prayers I and many others have prayed FOR me.

I’m certain my mental health and spiritual graces are provisions that
God in His mercy has brought my way.

Stability in the face of the harsh storms and blowing winds of life
comes from faith, but I’m talking about an ACTIVE -and not passive-
faith and deepening (rather than shallow) intimacy of relationship
between the Lord and His sons and daughters.

We do not travel alone. Thank GOD we do not have to!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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  1. Hey Glenn, I love this post. I’m a missionary in Mali, West Africa. We constantly speak in churches in the USA, people put us on a pedestal because of our calling. But I feel constantly inadequate, and unworthy… because I know how feeble I am. But you are right… God is our strength, God is our validation. He uses us NOT because we are good, talented, etc… but because we’re willing, and our very feebleness magnifies His Glory for the work that gets done… Should we print T-shirts "FRAIL FOR JESUS" ??Just kidding… but I like the idea….. Keep on doing what you’re called to do, dear friend…We’re resonating with youTom

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