GK Podcast: Cultural Prejudice

Ethnic prejudice, various subcultures and the like are discussed in
this podcast. What do we truly know about human beings who live a very
different culture or subculture than our own? Who are “the least of
these” in terms of your own cultural preferences and comforts? Jesus
commands us to love them. Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



  1. Glenn,This is a great message Glenn, the divisions created by cultural prejudice need to be conquered – I am a member of a multicultural church in Maplewood MN called Redeeming Love Church, and we have over 20 countries represented.We have found that Jesus IS indeed the desire of nations.You and your sound have been a huge influence on my own music Glenn, I play on the worship team at RLC and here is a song I wrote that I’ve dedicated to you a few months back. Thank you again for all you do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3TjdkTAXI8&feature=channel_video_titleBig blessings to you & yours in Christ Jesus!Love,Keith

  2. Thanks so much Keith! Well, He is faithful, I seek to be faithful to Him :)<br><br>I'm so humbled re. your song. Thank you so much- very encouaging- and BLESS God for His grace in both our lives!<br><br>His, yours,<br> -Glenn

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