GK Podcast: Prejudice Podcasts 101 & Hardheart Blog

With today’s blog I’m including the “entry” podcast for a series on
various areas of prejudice. I hope you’ll find them helpful to spark
conversation about how a Christian might best think about their
neighbor. Thanks for stopping by!


How and when as a biblical follower of Jesus, is it ever right to
harden your heart against another fellow sinner?

While I agree that saved, followers of Jesus are saints who sometimes
sin and not sinners committed to sin, we all break God’s commands at
times- and cannot rightly claim each of those instances is merely a

I have preached repentance most of my life, written songs and given
interviews about what it means to truly turn away from our selfish,
“me first” inclination and am continuing to do so as I as much as
anyone need reminders.

The people of God are to be people who love with His love, obey His
commands and bear an increasing reflection of Jesus’ Own character in
our lives (fruit of the Spirit) so that others might recognize the
grace of God toward them… through us.

How are we doing? How am I doing in this area? Important questions!

The several prejudices I touch upon in this little series of podcasts
are reminders to me as well as to a great many Christians as much as
they are aimed at people of -any- political persuasion.

I say this last point re. politics as I’m well aware that these days
in the U.S. people think they are reading a hard political agenda and
mere propaganda for that agenda in nearly anything anyone writes or

Be informed, I’m an independent voter and the statements I make in
message and lyric DO speak to politics, but they are grounded and
founded in my understanding of God’s whole Word- and in particular
with respect to His love, His truth and the poor. It seems to me this
sometimes really gets up people’s noses. So be it. I’d rather people
have to re-think their hard left or hard right positions on the basis
of Scripture than on the basis of personal angst or desire.

Satisfying God is about love and mercy, not hard judgment. I’m tempted
to quote a load of verses from both Testaments right now, but I won’t
in this blog…

Hardening one’s heart against one for whom Jesus gave His life is
wrong. It may make us feel better than they are (in our own
self-righteous estimation) but in the end we truly must humble
ourselves due to two facts:

God commands us to love our neighbor regardless who they are and
secondly, God’s judgment is HIS domain, not mine. For us to play that
role is not only self-righteous, it mirrors the pharisees Jesus
regularly rebuked more than it reflects Jesus’ nature and character.

This said, I will post more of my podcasts on various areas of
prejudice for your perusal or utter horror 🙂

His, yours,


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