GK Podcast: Economic Prejudice

GK Podcast: Economic Prejudice



  1. I’m going to hell.Quickly.I’m getting old. I have no idea how to live the Jesus life.I don’t know how to find salvation.I am a long time fan of Glenn, and since he was also a Pastor and we have similar backgrounds, I was hoping to have 15 minutes of his time to help set me on the right track.Yeah, it’s a long shot big star that he is. But it’s hell or…help from someone else. I can’t do this on my own. And I believe in Glenn’s philosophy of either living for Christ wholeheartedly or walking away.Best regards,John Moses Hazell

  2. We're all getting old, every day John. Please email me at <a href="mailto:gkaiser@jpusa.org">gkaiser@jpusa.org</a> and give me some detail. I'm happy to pray for you and respond.<br><br>John 3.17<br>-Glenn

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