Iowa GKB Weekend

GKB did shows west of the Mississippi River in Ames and Gowrie and a
Sun. service in Harcourt, Iowa this past weekend. Very kind (and great
coffee too!) friends asked us over to Ames, ditto a couple pastor
buddies who serve the people well in these small, quiet (except for
us) old farming communities. Each of them and the kind
audiences/church service congregants made it (as usual) a treat for
us. And the sweet corn was good too 🙂

Some sweet grand daughters of the pastors asked if they could braid my
beard after the Sun. service- of course I said “Sure”! The one pic is
me with a little baby clip… they ran out of hair ties 🙂

Good to be home… now to clean the place, do laundry and such… my
Wendi comes home from the Project 12 teaching week… gotta get things
in order!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



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