Project 12- “The Gathering” @ Cornerstone Farm

It’s opening week of a brand-new year for JPUSA’s Project 12
Bible/Discipleship school. We’re enjoying a bit of everything, rain,
sun, some clouds, wind and most of all Jesus and one another!

The theme for this year is Friends of Jesus and this is what we are
discussing at length in a load of different ways.

Curt, Jon, Wendi, Neil and myself are sharing, the students are
getting to know one another and the staff, and our staff is doing an
excellent job in all areas of practical as well as fun activities.

Thanks for your prayers. I’ll post more later in the week and
hopefully add more pics.

GKB is doing 2 shows and a service all in Iowa this weekend so I must
leave a few days prior to students and staff returning to Chicago.
(For info. on those shows please see in the
Shows section.)

But it’s really cool group and we’re digging into up to five classes
per day, break, worship and fun times as well.

Thanks for your prayers, and for stopping by! -Glenn


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