“Cardboard Box” In-house Release Party

By now most of you know about the new cd I’ve done to benefit
Cornerstone Community Outreach, JPUSA’s longtime homeless shelter and
it’s many programs and specifically, for it’s many residents and
growing population in need who come to us for assistance.

The cd’s been out for a couple months but Grrr wanted to bring JPUSAs
together, with a very few guests and visitors to celebrate so threw a
very fun party with lots of dvd footage of the project being recorded
at our Tone Zone studio, etc., etc.. A lot of folks made incredible
food and deserts and the place was full. And full when we left 🙂 Yum.

My amazing harpmeister (harmonica master) friend Joe Filisko and his
sweet wife Michelle came, Joe blowing on one of the songs he played on
the project, I did one solo and also asked him to do a tune- he pulled
out an old blues number about “nobody gets out of here alive”… and
what an amazing job he did on that!! Joe is at:
http://www.joefilisko.com if you’re not hip to him. Amazing stuff 🙂

In time we’ll tour this project around some, we’ll post the details as
shows get confirmed. Check http://www.grrrrecords.com in the Shows
section for that and other confirmed dates.

What a wonderful night! Many thanks and kudos to the brilliant staff
at Grrr Records, Tone Zone, our sweet JPUSA family and of course
Cornerstone Community Outreach staff who are my heroes for the love
and service they bring to the poor every day!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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