With Liberty and Justice

Been thinking about so many brave souls whose lives ended on 9-11-01.
About the bad communication (or none) between many of the first
responders, police and fire not on the same communications
frequencies. Such sadness. Such wanton insanity on the part of the
hijackers. What a shock to face the God Who is God alone at the end of
all that!

So many died that day, and in other times in war and “police actions”.
So many marriages and families ripped apart due to non or extremely
poor communications. Communications are SO essential to life, to
salvation on all levels really. A deep subject.

As I’m slowly getting over a rocking cold, I sat with a hot coffee
today looking out at our street here in Chicago, several flags at
half-staff honoring those fallen in 9-11.

As a child one of my first school memories are of standing every
morning in our two-room central Wisconsin schoolhouse, the entire
student body of about 25 with our one (wonderful) teacher, hands over
heart memorizing/reciting the pledge of allegiance.

I have always loved our country, marched for her, cried over her,
nearly enlisted in the armed service, then nearly left for Canada,
then became more involved in anti-war, anti-hunger and other social
service matters.

Between racism and plain ignorance, fear and sometimes harsh policies
I began as a non-political teen, a non-political adult in my 20’s and
very shortly as a songwriter began to recognize the need for lyrics
that spoke of issues it seemed a great many Christians just never sang
or did much of anything about.

I won’t bore you with lyrics from Resurrection Band or my solo or
blues projects that deal with the wide list of issues but in the end
it’s always easier to write, to sing, blog, talk or march with a sign
rather than do much that brings -more- substance to one’s belief that
people’s hearts might be changed.

In the end I’m as certain as I can be that only a genuine
relationship- and I mean a daily and surrendered one- with the risen
Christ can produce that deepest change of heart, soul and mind where
one actually HAS to act on one’s faith and put love in action. But in
the end, all of us fail, we don’t always agree and if it’s difficult
(sometimes impossible) for unbelievers to agree it is certainly also
true there are plenty of disagreements between otherwise loving,
faithful Christ-followers over political issues being raised.

If we all interpreted The Bible exactly the same we’d be closer to
agreed, but as I often quote “now we have” and “now I have” “in part”,
partial understanding of Scripture. Communicating with one another is
essential, but sometimes people on one or more sides of an issue
aren’t really into a conversation, they want a bully pulpit where
THEIR ideas somehow reign.

With all this as a backdrop I began considering if I could easily, in
all times and situations agree with ANY government on ALL it’s
policies? I never have and don’t expect I ever will.

In light of this, I found myself staring at the flags today with mixed
thoughts and emotions.

Do I always agree with my beloved country? Even when people I really
like and perhaps 80% agree with (on occasion over the years…) are in
power at the national, state or local level? Can I in good conscience
recite the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag, any flag, even that of my
own beloved country- without really thinking about what it means
before God?

It would be a much easier question to answer for me if the bulk of
Americans truly thought about and -meant- it when they came to the end
of that pledge, which to me is about as core in it’s meaning and
intent as any national pledge could ever be:

“… With liberty and justice for all.” “ALL”. ALL? Who IS “all”? Do
the vast majority of Americans really mean that if/when we repeat such
words? Or are we in truth thinking about me/my family/those who are
like me and agree with ME, the TRUE CITIZENS of this one nation “under
God”? I wonder about this.

Micah 6.8 rings in my head: “He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love
kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

Something to ponder on a day when freedom is so rightly considered.

Pray for our leaders and our nation. I have for many years and will
continue to do so. God have mercy, -Glenn


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