Business Gives Us “The Business”

Though I have not yet heard nor read President Obama’s jobs speech
(given tonight), I have been wanting to write the following as a sort
of “nutshell” of what I think are root causes of what ail us in the
U.S. with regard to politics and the economy. Here’s my “short form”:

It’s still super early in the U.S., and no matter who wins or loses
it’s doubtful that anyone but God Himself can cure the ills of our
hearts, selfish choices, growing (unreasonable and otherwise) fears
and a world-wide trashed economic situation.

What I want to know is if it has occurred to anyone that for all the
corruption in politics there seems an equal amount of corruption in
unions and non-union workers -and indeed within plenty of

It’s so easy (and raw stupid) when you only have one enemy and they
are simply the political party of choice.

When neither party has the guts to call for and enact laws that demand
balance for mega-millionaires who own and direct the many corporate
interests (and lobby for laws and garnering votes for whatever
candidate they think will best line their pockets) the idea of
socialism is in my view, frankly -a joke. “Barking up the wrong tree”
says the old squirrel hunter!

When the powers in big business don’t make the kind of money they wish
they simply “take it offshore”. “Global” isn’t a term for any
conspiracy theory, it’s rather the key word used by corporations who
have decided The Way to Make More Money is to simply go to countries
where the politicians, cheap labor and environmental standards won’t
hold them back from greater gains.

This has been happening for some twenty or more years on BOTH
political parties’ watch in the U.S..

While people line up to trash-talk and castigate whichever politician
and party of their un-choice, will we ever stop to think about the
fact we can at least throw out and insert whomever we wish via the
vote… but can’t vote the corporate bosses in or out?! They in
effect, have immunity though what they do and don’t do (witness the
Wall Street savings and loan and banking scandals that brought us to
this economic mess in the first place…) truly places both the U.S.
and world economies in jeopardy.

We didn’t vote ’em in and we -can’t- vote ’em out.

Until (it won’t happen) enough pols have both the sense and the guts
to deal with election and lobby laws that DO NOT favor corporate
interests over all others, and until a solid majority among U.S.
citizens face the reality that it’s not any particular government that
runs things…

I doubt real change will occur. We’re too busy enjoying “free market”
and “freedom” slogans.

Pink Floyd all over again only it’s big biz doing the talking: “We
told you what to dream”. Start dreaming in Chinese. Seriously, that’s
where many major U.S. business interests are already and more are
going. As they go, American jobs vanish.

Any “Free market” lorded over by huge corporate interests isn’t free
but rather an illusion of freedom the average American buys, literally,
as liberty and truth. Check your bank statement if you think
otherwise. Check it twice and tell me you really believe the “right”
government will fix it.

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn… no wait, we sold
that to an Asian conglomerate years ago 🙂

And that’s my 2 cent rant for now. -Glenn



  1. From the practical side, we can look to see where products and services are coming from. It’s very difficult to find things made entirely in the USA, but do we really need the things in the first place? With the few discretionary dollars we have left, let’s be wise. Let’s give. Let’s save. Let’s stop being such consumers for a change.

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