Sleep Sitting Up :)

???I could never do that!???

Famous last words.

I have no idea how many miles I???ve been driven, driven myself, flown,
travelled via train, bus or ship, but they???ve been many.

You finally get so tired you just learn to sleep sitting up.

No kidding, I???ve got pics people snapped of me to prove it.

One beautiful, sunny day on tour in Iceland they took a shot of me
sound asleep, seat belt securely fastened, not even leaning against
the window but arms crossed and fully sound asleep.

As I recall it was a very good nap indeed and we had a lovely lunch at
a fjord-side restaurant. Nice coffee as well.

Amazing what you can go through if you must, and in my case it???s
really all about prayer and the grace of God. It???s about the grace of
God for you too though you might not believe it or recognize Him in
the midst of the tough moments.

The past two weeks I???ve had one of the worst colds I can remember. I???m
SO glad I don???t have to sing, and blessings to Hilde who took a
worship set for me so I could just rest. Nearly every time I talk very
much this lousy cough starts up- no way I could have sung this

GKB had a good set in Michigan with a good friend and all went well,
right after that this cold grabbed me by the head, chest and throat!

My sweet Wendi is still coughing every now and then from a cold she???d
gotten a few weeks back. And that???s where this comes from because we
share everything 🙂

After about 4 or so days my fever went fully away but this lousy cough
kicks in every so often and it???s a real drag. I???m still weak and a bit
dizzy if I walk too fast. But God is good and I???m thankful to be
slooooooowly mending.

We have a very comfy love seat and ottoman in our room where I???ve been
sleeping the past several nights because when I try to lie flat in our
bed I begin to cough. Did I mention I sleep pretty good sitting up? 🙂

Prayer, meds, cough syrup, drinking gallons of water and tea, several
other treatments that Dr. Wendi is doing are all beginning to work but
whew… I don???t wish this one on anybody!

So thanks for stopping by and… sleep well. -Glenn




  1. as always, I enjoyed what you had to share with us. thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts in writing for us. Karla has one question for you… can you sleep sitting up while feeding two babies :~)Get well soonKen

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