Unavoidable Change

In my best moments I tend to think about change.

Change happens and continues to happen regardless of what we wish for, what others do or do not do, political or spiritual traditions, what a majority of people believe or work to establish, etc.. Change seems truly hardwired into the scheme of things throughout history and up to this very moment.

Some changes seem good and others quite bad, even evil, but change is with us.

We find our view of this or that changes, as we age our tastes change, our work, social activities, exercise, sense of place in the world, families, friends and of course bodies all change.

Our hearing, eyesight, stamina and energy, all sorts of things change.

Change- and in particular that metamorphosis only God can produce is something I usually like, even if I don't like it in the given moment!

I look forward to good and positive changes in my life, that of my wife, family and friends.

I believe good and uplifting changes happen and -can- happen with anyone, I really do.

This of course is rooted in my own faith in God, His Word and His power to work His will in anyone as long as they breathe.

After our last breath, those who have followed Jesus and have embraced His work of change in us and through us, shall change again. The Bible tell us ???in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed???, and that we will ???see Him as He is.???

Change indeed!

It goes on to say ??????Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him. All the tribes of the earth will mourn over him.???

Apparently a great many people will have their view of Jesus Christ changed, both those who followed Him and those who did not.

Meanwhile, are we embracing His work of change, or working hard at ignoring and/or effectively defying it?

I ask myself such questions. The answers will be given.

A core part of past, present and future reality is??that God is sovereign??-we???re not! Some changes will overtake us whether or not we fight them or not.

Ready for change?

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


  1. Tozer said, "The worst that can be said about a man is that he is what he will be." Change is necessary. If we allow Him to, the Holy Spirit transforms us from what we were, what we wanted to be, to what we can be in Him, what He wants us to be. "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

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