What Motivates…

"What Motivates a Fired-up Disciple of Jesus Christ?"


Over at faithalive365 they're asking this question and inviting people to post their responses. Perhaps you'd like to do so?

Here's what I posted there-

In biblical Greek, a disciple is ???a listener, a learner???.

I happen to be a musician. By definition, that???s not a person who owns music gear, rather it???s one who practices and actually plays/uses the instrument(s). A listener who is truly a learner becomes one who acts out rather than merely thinks or talks about it.

Direct answer to your question re. detail:

God the Holy Spirit, intentional response to Him and His Word (Bible), application of John chapter 15 regardless of what happens or doesn???t happen, choosing authentic, accountable relationships with people who are serious disciples and who clearly love Jesus, you and others -outside- as well as within the church. Simple obedience given in love over the long haul rather than short-term service which we bail on soon as we???re not getting what we want out of the relationships or area(s) of service.

By the way, I???ve never met a pastor or leader in the body of Christ (I mean, world-wide) who doesn???t have deep concern over the need for discipleship among the people they serve. Thanks for the question and responses coming! -Glenn


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