A Week in the Life of a Rock Star??

I???m grateful for a wonderful family: wife, kids, grandkids, extended family, JPUSA community, Ev. Covenant church family, friends and fans around the world… and I know it!

God has been incredibly good to me and I truly get it and have never ???earned??? His love and grace as they are by definition un-earnable.

Fans of Rez Band, GKB and/or myself are never an issue and what I???m about to write should never be taken that way.??There really are no negatives having so many kind people who seem to appreciate whatever it is they get out of what myself and my friends bring to them via music, speaking or just in terms of sharing bits of our life together.

I don???t take offense to this- but every now and then people make comments or insinuate that I???m some sort of rock star, (or blues star?), or something special. I know myself all too well to believe any of that!

In light of such feelings that some have toward me, I thought it may be helpful to let you in on what I???ve done (and will finish up doing) this week. As you;d expect, some of this repeats in various form, and some is specific to this week.

To me, it??gets interesting but it???s also pretty mundane. Don???t get me wrong, plain and mundane is, to me, a very good thing alongside of the ???cool and amazing??? moments… because of the One who walks with me, not because of anything I bring to the table.

So last Friday I was pleased to share music and a bit of my story as well as encouragement to a large gathering of??public school teachers and administrators in a poor Chicago near-suburb. It was a gift to me and I hope inspiring to them- I owe a great deal to many teachers throughout my school years.

I was excited enough to only get about 3 hours of sleep the night before, had to get up about 5 a.m. to get there on time and was on stage doing music around 8:30 a.m.! Not exactly musician???s hours 🙂 But it was great- and when I got home I slept clear until supper…

Saturday was largely a work day for me. I tried to catch up with a great deal of email and as JPUSA has ???clean teams??? that all pitch in for first-floor (lobby, kitchen, cleaning and serving ministry) every six weeks or so for a week, it was my turn to mop the lobby. Earlier in the week I???d cleaned the bathroom and toilets. Wendi got pretty sick with a coughing cold that triggered her asthma… a difficult thing, so I tried to keep her in water, coffee (helps breathing) and meals and so forth.

Sunday church was wonderful- all I had to do was show up and focus on the Lord, enjoyed my daughter Ami and her band as they brought the music and Hilde, a dear friend who gave a message about God???s call on her (and our) lives.

Then as it was our clean team???s last day of service, my weekend work slot was washing pots in our main kitchen from noon until 5 p.m..

In warm months we have GYO (???grill your own???) on Sunday afternoon, so our huge brick grilling pit is surrounded by family and friends as most all JPUSA comes out to the side yard to grill various meats provided, then we get the rest of the meal laid out for us and enjoy a great dinner. Fun!

My final work slot that night was doing garbage and mopping our lobby and entrance area.

Wendi felt just good enough to check on a memory foam mattress she found via Craigslist, so we got a van from the JPUSA car pool, checked it out and realized it wasn???t the one we wanted- but the night was cool and it was good for us to get out of the house for a bit.

Then I sat like a slug and watched soccer (football to those outside the U.S.), checked out news, Linux and cigar box guitars on the Web and hung out with Wendi until bedtime.

A longtime friend as well as a new friend flew to Chicago to spend Monday with me. I can???t comment on that much except to say they have an idea we may ???move down the field??? if things come together. Don???t ask, I can???t say until and unless things progress.

We finished the day with dinner, then I tried to take care of Wendi and bed was a welcome spot as I was feeling pretty tired out.

Today (Tuesday) and all Tuesdays unless something comes up I can???t get out of- or unless I???m on tour or such, I work at JPUSA???s Lakefront Roofing Supply Company in the sheet metal shop. It???s a simple volunteer workday that is great for me and hopefully beneficial for them.

I create some of the basic stuff they sell and also help clean where cleaning???s needed. Great bosses, good folks who serve day in and day out to provide nearly all JPUSA???s needs so we can serve the poor, homeless, disciple folks and live in intentional community together.

Frankly, it???s the easiest thing I do in an average week as it???s straight, practical work and not spiritually taxing as pastoral leadership can sometimes be with so many people in need.

On my lunch break I created the little ???found object 3 string slide guitar??? you see here. There was some metal and wood scrap I figured might be cool to work with… it was 🙂

Tomorrow (Weds.) it???s time to help Wendi, do a partial clean of our storage area and woodshed on several songs, perhaps demo a few I???ve written recently. Tomorrow night GKB rehearses for a Sat. night set we???re doing up in Michigan (see Grrr Records shows section for details).

Thursday is our JPUSA pastors/board meeting from 10 to 5.

Friday I have an appointment downtown with a friend who serves on a team which has??invited me to share in??chaplains work at Cook County Jail, and who is credentialing me. That afternoon??I think I???ll be??doing a long study on the biblical implications of singing.

Saturday we load the van and head to Michigan and either return home that night late or Sunday morning.

I write songs, studies, sermons and blogs as I???m inspired. I do Twitter and Facebook and in trying to clean up email often have up to 3 people seeking to chat with me at a time (grace in that I type 54 words per minute or I???d be jammed!) but there are truly a lot of you out there!

I expect some of this sounds fun, some boring and some just a matter of doing what people do in everyday life.

What it is not- is the life of any sort of ???rock star???!

So thanks for your prayers, kind words and stopping by! -Glenn




  1. I dont think of you as a rock star,I see you as a great disciple of God who God gifted to play some great guitar and some great blues.I also see you as a man and pastor who has graciously taken the time to talk with me and help me through problems in my life and my walk and also someone who shares a lot of my interest,s.And who ,s music always helps me in my daily walk. For this I tank you very much Ron

  2. <p>Yes.1/4 inch eye bolts with a nut tight against the eye?? and wingnut on the other side against the wood work excellently. As they get very tight I use a needle nose pliers (which I use to cut excess from the strings) in the eye if the bolt for high tension turning. Amazing how well they hold!?? -Glenn</p> <p>On Aug 23, 2011 10:34 PM, &quot;Posterous&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:comment-yCeqDDsjfpEItGJ@posterous.com"></a></p>

  3. Glenn Well I think of you as a very special human being with quite a few spiritual gifts. I was amazed how approachable you are. A genuinely humble, people person. I know you aren’t perfect but you are going to have one heck of a crown to place at Jesus’ feet someday!

  4. Now I see why God never called me to be a rock star. I decided years ago that I would rather be a folk hero anyway. It’s more organic & accoustic and the tag is easier to age with. Ya that’s it, I’m a "spiritual folk hero" who works with wood. Glenn , you rock, and work with steel. Say hi to Wendy. It was good to see you guys at Cornerstone.

  5. Thanks Mike! HA. Yes indeed… I’m just so glad to be part of the <br/>family of the Bright and Morning Star- Jesus!! <br/>-Glenn

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