Positive Change Or?

I???ve mentioned this before but when I was in high school I was part of an underground newspaper. Really it was only a few sheets of type-written complaints about how messed up the staff and faculty was, why we should all be allowed to dress like we want, do all the drugs we wanted, and in short, to turn the public school into an alternative school.

By ???alternative??? we in reality meant ???we need to run this place how WE want it run???. Of course the students weren???t working and paying the loot to keep the place open and none of us really cared to learn about anything other than what we wanted to learn- which was how to get more pleasure out of sin, basically 🙂

In the end, the little rag folded due to pressure from the school administration and lack of effort on the part of the small staff to really bring positive change to the few genuine issues that needed attention. We just stopped showing up.

What we were experts at was the art of complaining. Oh… did I mention we didn???t have workable ideas about how to fix most of what we were yelling about? In fact we weren't all that fond of work either.

Sounds like a good many politicians and yes, all too many Christian people I know. It never ceases to amaze me how loud some Christians can shout about what's wrong with "the government" while they lift so few fingers to fix things within their local ability to fix.

It is -always- easy to gripe and moan about injustice from the cheap seats.

It is quite common to (even accurately) call out what???s wrong- but to get personally involved, taking one???s OWN responsibility to -do- something positive about the injustices and ills (of any society or group) is another thing entirely.

Positive, loving concern that does more than screaming about the wrongs (supposed or real) is what often seems missing among the people of God.

???What???s wrong with this country/state/city/neighborhood/church/workplace is -you-fill-in-the-blank??? may sound like the start of a good thing… but often a great deal more is said than done.

I suggest the church BE the church, more people sign up for hard work and slivers and keep showing up as opposed to bailing out when we get a ???boo-boo???. I suggest talk must morph into positive, creative activity that answers genuine needs for change and health.

I further suggest that until and unless one is willing to show from one???s own personal relationships (marriage, family, local church, workmates, etc.) that one is paying the price for positive change, growth and healing, that mere mouthing of what???s wrong sets nothing right and rather infects others with a culture of grumbling and complaining or what may even be worse: passive stagnancy.?????Neither grumbling nor complaining??? -seems like I read something about that somewhere…

Now I???m sure nobody reading this has ever experienced any of this among church folks… and even more sure neither you nor I have ever been guilty of these… right?!

God help us grow up. It???s your turn to live out and model??positive solutions for actual needs in your life, church and world??. It???s not ???them??? who need to step up. It???s time for you and I.

Throw down. FLY your experimental plane and perhaps we'll come to believe in human flight. Talk is so very cheap.




  1. <div><br>Could not do interview at WLIX – Lindell Cooley in town and radio station could only play – next week we do interview.</div> <div>Hey, if you are going to be bumped – it's cool if it's Cooley<br>God Bless</div> <div>??Roadside Prophets</div> <div>PS</div> <div>Thanks for blogs – very way cool!</div>

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