Two Essential Questions

In discussions with several leaders from the U.S. and Nigeria yesterday and??again with South Africans today I found myself accenting two key points that??seem central to choices we all make: who sent you and who???s kingdom are you building?

Without a reasonable sense that the Lord sent you and called you to do what you do among those you are with, exactly who is, effectively, the true god of your life?

We Christ followers believe there is one God -and that we are without question, not Him!

Further, the major choices you make establish a kingdom, but which kingdom and who is actively king? If it is not the kingdom of God which you build and participate in building it is a slack, false kingdom with a phony king- and I think you get my meaning.

Among Christians, those of other religious and/or spiritual belief systems, agnostics and atheists alike these points still hold true.

One kingdom will prevail, only one eternity exists and the one true God of that eternity is God alone. What matters to Him are eternal values. Do those values motivate and direct your choices and mine?

I ask you what I ask myself: who is it that sent (or is sending) you into your life???s work… and whose kingdom are you building?

There is but one eternal kingdom with one eternal King. One.

I suggest we all make key choices based on these two realities.

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