Shoot Straight


At the end of "Breaker Morant" (a movie about a British soldier who "takes the fall" for the English military during South Africa's Boer War) the subject is sitting tied to a chair as the sun rises- about to be executed by his fellow soldiers.

His language is coarse to be sure, but the key phrase he utters to the firing squad is "Shoot straight you [expletive]! Don't make a mess of it".

In much of the U.S. the phrase "shoot straight" means to aim carefully and to shoot with precision on all levels… as in "tell the TRUTH".

Frankly, one of the things that drives me crazy is that drug and otherwise violent street gangs don't.

I have made no secret of the fact that I shoot, hunt and own modern firearms, black powder/muzzle loading firearms, air rifles and pistols as well as archery gear. I like to shoot and hunt.

I grew up in Wisconsin and admit my absolutely favorite gift as a boy came that Christmas I received a BB rifle. It was a Daisy lever action spring BB rifle, smooth bore barrel. Not a lot of power, didn't shoot pellets, one cock of the lever and you were good for dirt clods, leaves, pop cans and the odd starling attacking (in my case) your Dad's garden.

I have two of them now and enjoy shooting them with my grandsons and sometimes just bring them out and plink at empty pop cans myself.

In the country as a young boy I found BB's were cheap and targets everywhere. Today I'm thinking the same is true of words, drugs and sadly, life in too many places.

The accuracy of that simple rifle came with practice. More practice, more accuracy.

This is a truism for most everything in life. More practice.

When we practice sin we "miss the mark". We literally miss the target God has set for us. Trust me, I miss the mark just as anyone, Christian or not. But habitual, regular, "I'm rebellious, want my way and could care less about the consequences"- that's an entirely different thing.

My own view is that responsible gun ownership and use is one thing… and what people do for power, to be accepted, sometimes even "safe" and with little or no thought or care, just "fire away" is NOT my idea of a good thing.

Today is beautiful in Chicago. It's stunning. There is a cool, refreshing breeze coming off Lake Michigan through the window where I sit doing my work. Just outside is our lovely JPUSA garden. Every now and then I hear JPUSA kids laughing, talking, playing.

Today is indeed beautiful if you're not an African American grandmother who last weekend had her six-year-old grand daughter visiting for an overnight. A car sped by the house with several idiots shooting nine millimeter pistols. God only knows who they intended to hit but it was her grandbaby who was struck and killed while playing in grandma's front room.

On many, many levels they never learned the importance of shooting straight of caring, of what happens when you choose to not care… but you point and shoot, you pull a trigger, choose a virtual "life", live "inside" a video game of sorts.

Belonging, power, the glorification of violence, the "crowning" of the anti-hero in movies, the drug trade (oh yes, capitalism at it's best… argggghhhh!!), prostitution, and of course all the sick and long-lasting affects of slavery, racism and a culture of "whatever it takes to survive" along with a sense that the established powerful are often themselves just as corrupt and do not themselves shoot straight in ethics, politics or the justice system. The one with the most power, the most money, the most "ammo" and largest posse wins.

It has become truly unpopular to say so, but there is a Judge before whom ALL OF US will give account.

Consider Wall Street. Consider the amount of money spent (here I quote the late General/President Eisenhower) on arms and ammo as opposed to schools and infrastructure.

Some reading this will certainly say "O.K., there goes Kaiz off on his left-leaning, liberal koolaide". Ahhh, but most making such judgments do not live anywhere near street kids popping off nine mil. pistols.

Shoot straight.

Wagging tongue and voting "correctly" doesn't accomplish all that much. Paying the price for caring costs a great deal, but nothing will change for the positive without spending your life for those in need.

Sure, sin IS the core issue. But there's plenty to go around regardless of your politics. And it does seem to me that all too often average Christians do not think very deeply -nor on many levels DO much at all to bring positive, healing change among people. In fact it seems to me most Christians want a good job, a safe and healthy life and in practice largely remove themselves from difficult situations where any positive change might be modeled through them.

I'm certainly not saying all are called nor should live where we live nor do what we do (re. our shelter programs, etc.). I'm saying talk is cheap.

From where I sit in Chicago on this otherwise beautiful day, there are far too many funerals of young kids being killed by other young kids. There are too many glib comments being made by white and yes, simple-minded Christians who themselves exhibit a racist judgment upon a people they have little to do with and frankly, don't WANT to get involved with.

There are too many people on all sides of these issues who just don't care enough to shoot straight.

Practice never makes truly "perfect", but it's of incredible importance when it comes to pulling a trigger.

And so ends my rant of the day. -Glenn



  1. i am so sorry about the little girl and i hope she is talking to Jesus right now,and i hope the boys are caught and put away so they cant do this again.i hope someone will explain the bible to them and Jesus will change their heart,and i hope Jesus is healing grandma,s heart right now also.

  2. My dear brother, I have loved you and Wendy and all for quite a few years now, thru all the different manifestations, and one of the many things which has always been constant with you … you are and always have been a "straight-shooter."I praise our Lord for all your music and writings He has used to deeply affect my life. Thank you for being clay in the Master’s hands.My greatest surcease from all the madness that is our society is that the great snatching away is upon us, even at the door. Oh, to hear that shofar blast, and His voice calling us home.And even up till that very nanosecond we should indeed be about the work of our Master, caring for, loving, touching not maiming and destroying (regardless of the cloak the evil wears.)

  3. glenn,go to facebook and look up crosscarry america and do a friend request or a like and you can keep up to date on this awesome none of God brother! It will culminate at ground zero on sep.11 2011 in which the body of Christ will make a mighty statement and revival in our nation will follow!….thanks. Phil…p.s. computer broke…operating off small smart phone

  4. Thanks for the straight shooting once again Glenn. It’s refreshing to hear others speaking the truth in love. God bless ya

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