Hummingbirds and Christians

Vacation in summer at Cstone Farm means hummingbirds! The hummers have been going nuts in the hot weather, feeding like crazy to keep themselves fed and thriving as well as surviving.

Wendi and I love these little birds. They have such strength- and also determination to keep those fake "flowers" we set out (sugar water in hummingbird feeders) all to themselves.

We've read a lot about the ruby-throats, those are the only kind we have in our area, and it does seem they are super territorial. Reminds me of humans.

Both men and women (but in the particular case of work, men in my experience) can be super-territorial, the "It's MY turf" sort of thing.

Apparently a lot of our sense of identity and security comes with power over turf, over our specific area of work.

I think some of that is wired in us by God, and some of it is just what the Bible calls "old nature" or "the flesh". We are at times not at all willing to interact with others.

I understand and actually approve of individual responsibility regarding work, but it does seem to me (and from what I gather in the Book, God's position on things) there needs to be a healthy balance of team-playing.

Making room for people who bring solid, experienced advice- especially for those who rarely ask for help or someone else's opinion on what might best work or not work, in the long run such should be seen as sensible, don't you think?

We are not hummingbirds who "rule the roost and flowers" or we die! But the way some people act, you'd sometimes think otherwise…

Certainly choice of timing, words and tone of voice, etc. are all essential in offering suggestions to others, especially when they seem to take offense at such communication.

We've been watching the hummers continually fight over our "super-flowers" for the past several days. Wendi talks to them through the window, encouraging them. "Now STOP that… there's plenty to go around!" I laugh and tell her "They don't CARE…" this is about survival and gene pool and the king and queen of that particular flower, it's about controlling the grub. She knows all this, and we laugh together.

This morning a devo came in that spoke of the importance of forgiving folks with bad attitudes.

These hummers (except for the "married couple" who "own" the flower) aren't much for "community"!

One hummer expert wrote that we should be glad hummingbirds aren't the size of crows or it wouldn't be safe to walk in the woods! They're like very mad Marines who are determined to win at all costs… and whew, it does seem so as we watch from our kitchen table.

So the devo went on to say how important it is to control one's tongue and be quick as possible to forgive, to not jump up and defend one's self too aggressively when one thinks one has been wronged.

These little birds dive-bomb each other all day long, they just never quit.

Hummers are truly beautiful birds. But they can be REAL aggressive.

Gatherings of Christians and hummingbirds… I find there are similarities from time to time 🙂

Lord help me and us! -Glenn


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