Though on vacation myself I've had several great chats with people this week about the need to rest, the need for Sabbath, the importance of recovery time from stress, hard work, any number of real burdens in the average life.

A friend sends me devotionals via email where this was accented recently.

Tonight I had a phone conversation where another friend was checking up on me and we shared about mutual friends in ministry we're praying for and seeking to encourage including a couple guys who have burned up the miles in ministry but also had pretty intense health issues.

We'd both asked them to learn to take breaks, slow down, get off the road from time to time and just simplify in order to get rest and not become overburdened and burnt out or ill to the point of ending up in a hospital somewhere.

Common sense isn't always our strongest suit! If you have good relationships with godly friends who from time to time call you to slow down, take a rest and such, it's important to hear that word and act on it.

I laughing told one bro. "Certainly those of us in ministry don't rest on Sunday- for a preacher or worship leader and many others on local church staffs it's the busiest day of the week!"


So I'm simply writing a little blog- from vacation, and including one pic of the front garden Wendi and I tend at Cornerstone Farm, and another of one of the average, brilliant sunsets at Cstone Farm 🙂 God does amazing stuff if we'll take the time to notice.

God Bless- and TAKE SOME CHILL now and then… Lord knows life is often hot enough!

Hugs, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


2 thoughts on “REST!

  1. I miss the cool northern Illinois mornings.??<div>Nashvegas is a seething cauldron of sticky, thick, heavy, HOT air. Walking around feels like that television ad where they show swimmers in a pool full of caramel. Enjoy the??serenity??and blessings to y'all on your vacation.<br> <br></div>

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