What About Backup?

I do have geek tendencies, and therefore love reading about open source, cloud computing and on occasion, the varied and connected businesses having to do with the tech. industry.

Tonight in reading through a lot of info. online, a thought caught me up regarding a longtime issue that I expect to this very day many reading this don't much bother with… but should!!

In a word, "backup".

I was reading an industry blog about server failure (these particular servers are the main, large computers that hold/host files and make them available via the Internet) at a company who works for and with Amazon.

Imagine what happens when a number of these machines crash all at once! Mayhem!

I have mixed feelings about cloud computing- the concept of keeping some, most or all of your files on a server and working via the Internet as opposed to storage on your home and/or work computers.

I do a lot via the Web, but the fact is that like anything else, failures happen and sometimes your data gets wiped out or so compromised that you can no longer retrieve and use it.

Back to backup- each of us who use some form of computing, be it pc's, laptops, netbooks, cellphones or pdas (and in most of the Western world, it's getting rarer to find someone who doesn't daily use these) it is more important than most of us want to realize to BACK UP YOUR DATA AND DO IT REGULARLY!

Sooner or later, failure of machines happens. No matter how wonderful the design and technology, no matter the cost, sooner or later they will indeed crash. Imperfect humans using less-than-eternally-perfect elements assembled these machines and they will fail. Therefore your writing, photos, music, films and data stored on them can and will be compromised, possibly lost.

My files are spread out over several computers, hard drives, usb and sd drives and also in several online "cloud" locations.

Some of my older data sits on cds.

I back information up a number of ways, but in the end, I choose to remember to DO backups.

I've lost track of the number of times friends and associates have lamented their loss of information due to having not backed it up… and their laptop, etc., becomes toast. SERIOUS bummer. And not all that difficult to take care of IF one thinks ahead and takes preventative safety measures on the -front end-, prior to the fail.

As a new computer user, my tech gurus drilled into me the importance of backing up.

If you get my feeble brain on this- I consider honest confession, accountability partners and soul-friends in Christ my spiritual backup system.

They know the things that are important to me and why. Several of them have my login and passwords, literally and spiritually.

Are you prepared for potential, even likely crashes?

What about backup?

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  1. Back-up is important, and these days it is not that expensive. I have a 1 TB hard drive that I paid $70 for. I also have an online service called SpiderOak that works with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It costs $100/year for 100 GB of storage, and the back-up is done automagically.

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