Norway, Amy Winehouse Tragedies

Sad, sick, miserable, shared pain and sorrow. What can I say?

I pray for the people of Norway, a nation I have toured many times and truly love.

What a sick, demonized -and pay attention- right-wing maniac!!

How many true Christians cringe throughout the world and of course in Norway when this sad, sick man refers to himself by the name of the Son of God? This man no more represents Christians than do the Muslim fanatics of 9-11 and other atrocities represent Muslims.

Fear, bigotry and neo-fascism all bring menace to our world- regardless of spiritual (or zero spiritual) position.

At times like these we must pray, learn once again to forgive and of course recognize that no nation, no group of people are ever completely "safe" nor can be.

It is faith in Jesus and genuine surrender to Him that alone makes sense. There is no security force on earth who can do what He alone can.

Apparently He allows humans the ability to make horrible choices and at times such as this, that is quite apparent.

Then I think of a gifted singer who shared the addictions so many of us have, past or present. What a tragic, wasted life, what a rotten end to a tortured soul! And the misery (like that of a Norwegian gunman) is now being spread around, shared with family, friends and co-workers, many who were in this case not so shocked at the end.

And people wonder why I sing blues??!

Jesus was "a man of sorrows, well-acquainted with grief." God "stores up our tears in a bottle" as it were… understands and grieves with us. Entering His immediate presence, given those who seek Him- this is where we must go.

There simply is no better place to find comfort when looking into the face of such evil and such misery in the lives of those He loves.

"For God so loved THE WORLD [meaning ALL people] that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in HIM will inherit eternal life." -John 3.16

Nothing makes more sense in the face of these senseless deaths.




  1. True. Therefore not all that happens in this life to people is His will in the sense you mean it. Very true. Ultimately, God is still sovereign, but there is clearly free will or there would be no sin. Thanks Paulo. -Glenn

  2. Agree with your comments, Glenn. Really sad for these people – almost can’t read the stuff in the news about Norway; it’s too sickening. And the total waste of a life – Amy Winehouse – fallen, fallen, we are so fallen, so broken. Jesus, our only hope.

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