Missional Truth?

Alistair Begg is a great speaker who often gets me thinking in a most solid direction.

A friend on occasion sends me A.B.'s online devos., some great stuff.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to truly be "missional" in life, in our thinking and daily interaction with others. I do not mean (though it includes) verbal sharing of the Good News, rather an "all-in" life that reflects Jesus to whomever is around us, whether we speak or not in that particular moment.

In any case, this morning we had a fine guest speaker who again used the term.

In a devo. from A.B. a few days ago the concept leapt out.

Last night as I lay in bed considering calling and life's-work for people in general (not merely my own life), the following popped into my head and here on Sun. afternoon the thought returned.

Can missions at times be quite fun, even giving the missionary great comfort? Of course.

On this occasion I won't unpack it further except to say that God the Holy Spirit is (according to Jesus) The Comforter, and there is nothing automatically evil about receiving and giving comfort- please don't mis-understand me on that point!

But here is my thought, and I stand by it:

"If it's not missional, it's probably about comfort."

Something to think about.



  1. can your life be missionary? i had a hard time with my nurse aid state test.everybody was asking how i did. i told them the trouble. then said i can only pray about it.let God and let go.im powerless about it.then my mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction.you might be the only bible someone reads . so maybe your walk could let you share God in your activites of life.although i feel apart after got home from test.and missed sunday worship.but i got to let go and let god.krista a

  2. Yes Krista, Yes!! That is exactly right! Bless you in your walk with Him and reflecting Him best as you know how, this is all any of us can and should do!! You got it right sis.! -Glenn

  3. ive also found that to be the case today.. after an unusual sequence of events i came home dismayed and confused. My missional zeal for the Lord had not been met with the enthusiasm from the body as i had thought. After prayer i was inspired to call a brother who preaches a thousand miles away and he inouraged me with scripture, prayer, and a stronger resolve than i had before. well…I have been at peace sence then thanks be to the Comforter who often times works through our brothers and sisters in Christ to pick us back up and comfort us when we have been dropkicked by our own kind……..phil

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