Linux Evangelist Blog for this Month :)

Linux- my "short form" explanation…

I LOVE Linux, open source software, programmers who make incredible stuff that helps me write, record, listen, view, share and do all the daily stuff we all do on our netbooks, laptops, pcs and smartphones.

And these world-wide 'nix programmers give most of their hard work away for free. They do it for love, not mere market share.

They share, interact, actually build communities based on love for the look, feel, portability, style and work we can get done via an operating system (really, systemS) that are so tweak-able it's downright cool.

Then again, if you have the money, do the Mac or even Windows thing, point-and-shoot and good luck.

I just can't go there and rarely do.

I know there's a learning curve, and the two issues are usually "what do you WANT/NEED to do on a particular computer and/or device?" and "what specific Linux-based distribution will work best on said hardware?" Once those two questions are answered there is a world of cool stuff available and either used "live" if you have a cd or dvd player on your machine… and/or installable to your hard drive or usb stick (or sd… etc.) if you have any of those.

Basic web connections (wireless or cable), text editing, reading/writing pdf files and spreadsheets, photos, playing music, of course web browsing and all the rest -as well as games- is all available.

Choice. I like it. One-way proprietary streets that force me to use BIG BOY$ computing just does NOT float my boat. Simple as that.

So, there's my Linux-lovers-sermonette for the month 🙂

-Written on an eeepc netbook (512 big megs of ram.. HA) via Bodhi (I know… but I'm a saved Christian and it doesn't affect me 🙂 Linux- which loads in under a minute and shuts down in 30 seconds on this little mobile machine. Oh… never had a virus with this or any Linux distribution, not even ONE.

Thanks for stopping by!


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