After Cornerstone Fest -Misc. Update

Thanks SO much for all the prayers- the Fest was surely one of the best for Wendi and myself and our family. Grace with strength, health, the weather and a lot of speaking and shows which all seemed to really be received well.

She spoke 4 times and did 2 REZ sets plus a rehearsal this past week, I spoke once (and of course non-stop in conversations, very good stuff) and did a rehearsal and 5 shows. In short, we just sat around doin' nothin'… not!

As usual we met a lot of old friends, met quite a few first-timers and this year there seemed to be more folks coming to Cornerstone after many years?? absence due to jobs, etc.. Really nice to meet so many sweet people.

I have several blog posts ready. I plan to publish them little by little over the next two weeks. All sorts of things have been on my mind and so a wide range of issues will get a bit of airing.

One of them is actually about the virtues of cigarbox and found-object guitars. Just finished building another one today.

I've been considering universalism among other things and expect that to be covered in one of my posts.

Election reform of the sort I'd like to see will never happen… but I've written a piece on that as well.

So… little by little.

I think I will sleep until I wake up tomorrow… time to recover from a very busy week.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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