Cornerstone Festival 2011- Rockin’!

Whew, what a Fest so far! And tonight is classic Jesus Rock night at Mainstage. Having great chats with old friends, and I can say they truly rock… hearing the line checks at the stage.

Been a great Fest indeed, sweet weather, nice people and a lot of crankin' bands, deep seminars and fellowship with sweet folks. Check out for daily coverage, lots of photos, video and audio online. Thanks for prayers… REZ set tonight, GKB tomorrow (Fri.) night, I do a Global Round Table session at 4pm tomorrow… then do the Blues Jam at Fat Calf/Sanctuary tent at 9pm Sat. to finish off. Just slummin'… HA!!!

I have several blogs ready to send up in the week after Cstone… all sorts of issues I think need consideration…

Enjoy your summer! -Glenn


1 Comment

  1. Hello Glenn,sounds heavenly,wish i was there to watch you speak the word from God,and to see you play your great music.Well one of these years ,hopefully.

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