UPDATE- Cornerstone Festival, Project 12, Glenn & Wendi


Thanks for all the kind words and prayers… we live on those prayers 🙂

Project 12 (JPUSA's Discipleship/Bible Intensive) had graduation Sun. during church services as GKB was out at Willow Creek, but we also had an evening reception which Wendi and I were able to attend. Brian and Ami shared scriptures and character qualities that each of the grads have… and then they had fellowship and treat time! WELL DONE grads!

Both my and Wendi's schedules at Cornerstone Festival are online at http://www.cornerstonefestival.com?? if you look through the program. She's preaching on David and Bathsheba, bringing her relationship, dating and sexuality seminars and doing the Rez Band rehearsal and set. I'm doing a (mostly solo) Cardboard Box (new cd) set, Rez rehearsal and set, GKB set and Sanctuary Stage blues jam as well as speaking Friday at 4pm in the Global Roundtable gathering. A FULL schedule, hope to see you there!

Please continue to pray for Wendi's arthritis and over-all strength through the Fest. Also please note we will be online very little in the next 2 weeks due to Fest duties as well as heavy web use by other Cstone staff… what I'm saying is I may not see and am not likely to respond to emails or Facebook and Twitter comments until later in June. Thanks for your understanding!

Have a great summer, and know I'll post more as I'm able.

Grace to ya! -Glenn


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